Principal Message

“Develop a passion for learning, If you do, you will never cease to grow.”
Anthony I.D’ Angelo

Dear Students, through this message I wish to convey how to sow the seed of success. Through my personal experiences, I have realized the tree of success needs hard work, dedication and determination to flourish. As a plant needs water and sunlight to grow and it becomes shady and full of fruits to serve us, in the same way your goals need dedication and whole hearted devotion to accomplish. Your continuous learning will lead you to the path of success one day. Negative feelings like frustration, failure, low self-confidence, anger and lack of resources etc. should not surpass your positive aspirations.

Moreover, you all are would be teachers who are going to deal with builders of the nation i.e. students directly, so you must always move on the path of polishing yourself.

You must remember that basic human values like truth, loyalty, respect, humbleness, humanity, kindness, love and peace should be an important part of your personality. I wish you wonderful future.

Dr. Kavita

M.Com., M.Ed., M.Phil., UGC NET (Commerce, Education), Ph.D.